• Hello¬†:) since over 10 years I own American Mcgee's Alice and it worked on any system like Windows Vista & Windows 7. Now I own Windows 10 and my Download stops at 2% (it stopped with windows 7 too, but sometimes it worked) when I try to delete it from my PC, it's not completely gone. When I have luck, it goes to 50% but stops too then. I have the Original 2 CDs and there is nothing wrong with my PC since I own him since 2008 and it worked the whole time (yea, old pc haha but nevermind) When I try to start it after installation, I got an bluescreen. It doesn't install completely but its on my PC...I think.

    Hope u guys can help me & sorry for my bad english :(

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    • You might have to buy another copy, maybe on Origin or Steam. A digital copy might work better.

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