• I was wondering if all the real world characters in AMR and even in AMA if there are any have Wonderland counterparts.

    I know that Dr Bumby is the Dollmaker, and the Insane Children are the Orphans.

    The White King might be the equivalent of Alice's father, as she says in the Extra Content that the White King reminds her of him.

    The Caterpillar might be Radcliffe.

    I was also thinking that the Carpenter might be the counterpart to Jack Splatter, as they look alike and they both appear in the same chapter of the game. I know it's a stretch, but if he was just based off of the poster of Bruno then Alice imagined up quite the personality for the Carpenter!

    I was wondering who could be the counterpart of Nan Sharpe and anyone else. If you agree or disagree or have an idea, please reply! I'd love to discover more about this game.

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    • it is shown in the art book that the Mad Hatter is a counterpart to a man in Wonderland, but it was only a concept. I bet there is much more.

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