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    Discussion closed. Proposed quote will be the new quote for Mad Hatter.
    16:06, September 21, 2017

    During the end of Madness returns when Alice sees the Hatter on the infernal train, he scolds Alice for her recklessness. During Hatter's talk he tells Alice how her actions have indirectly cause him to suffer, making me think that is more of a meaningful quote than the one currently present.

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    • I support this quote too.

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    • Per Alex. Also, as per my undo, wait for a week at most. Community consensus is usually a week at most so that a lot more people (if ever) can provide input. Please don't be hasty and change immediately just because of one vote for support as someone could be voting for against within a week. Thanks.

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    • I also support the quote Iblis added over the one currently used.

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