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    Inactive wiki has been merged.
    08:40, August 16, 2013

    After cleaning up the blog posts, I noticed this particular blog. Apparently, it's another AMR wiki, but has been dead since May 2011. I contacted Wikia about the merge, and got a reply that a merge would be possible if both communities agree.

    I requested the URL be renamed if the merge would be agreed upon... well, renamed to at least the proper spelling as is already one of our domains.

    Does anyone disagree to the merge? Most of the contributors in the other wiki are inactive, which means in a week, after a notice has been given, the merge will push through if a consensus is agreed upon.

    The existing articles in that wiki will be handled properly as well, since this wiki has the more updated info.

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    • I remember that. Some guy here was being a bit of a jerk, making multiple Alice wikis when we told him please not to, going as far to plagiarize stuff from this wiki. There's only 10 articles on that wiki anyway, so merging won't be a problem. He hasn't edited here in like, 2 years or so?

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    • Interesting, so he is the same guy who founded the dead AMR wiki? I'll be sure to include this info. He's been inactive since, so yep.

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    • He was also the one that uploaded all those stupid Mass Effect videosĀ :/

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    • BTW I think their summary of Doctor Bumby is absolutely brilliant compared to ours:

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    • Good god, for a second there, I thought you were legit serious. I had to look at the article ._.

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