• Here I want to discuss about "The Others" image and two other concept arts (this and that), which seem to show the same location.

    What do I think? Well, Alice wears her Wonderland outfit and has Vorpal Blade equipped in the 2nd picture, so this is not reality. Also there are literally no Wonderland features, so it's not "Londerland view mode" either. But now, faces in the first picture are just inhuman and kinda creepy.

    Soooooo... I think it's someone else's Wonderland in these pictures.

    Guys in the first picture aren't attacking Alice, but they're looking at her in disturbing way. All eyes targeted on her! I think they are regular inhabitants of this Wonderland. They don't want to harm Alice, but they are paying absolute attention to her, because she doesn't belong here... like an intruder.

    You know what's the best (in my opinion) if it's indeed someone else's Wonderland? That this Wonderland looks just like real place! Yeah. In the end not all the people had to read fairy tales during their childhood, like Alice was reading Carroll's book (which is shown in American McGee's Alice intro and ending). So my point is that, when someone's subconsciousness lacks of material to create it's own Wonderland... it's using the real places or it's architecture.

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    • I'm not sure what I got out of that but, can I just say? "Otherlands" is supposed to be based on that now, Alice can use her mind to go into other people's "Wonderland". So she ends up going into the minds of some of the greatest artists in history, like for instance Vincent Van Gough. So that's why the people or creatures in their "Wonderlands" are looking at her like she doesn't belong there. And that's also why at least some of the "Wonderlands" look like some of the paintings you might have seen before. I hope that explained at least something to you.

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    • I think it's just reality, but scene through Alice's eyes. It's definitely London, but perhaps this is just a darker Londerland-type setting? Like the end of AMR when Alice is wearing the Wonderland dress.

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    • I think it could be a Jack the Ripper themed stage of the Otherlands.

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