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    11:08, October 7, 2013

    As we have no general limit for the removal of user rights due to inactivity, I would like to propose the one year limit for admins and crats. This limit means that if you have not edited in this wiki for a year, as well as haven't come back to Wikia within this time frame, your user right would be removed. You would still be contacted before the year is up if you wish to keep your rights.

    This would have to strictly apply for crats as per our founder's very long inactivity (six years) and Zombie's two year absence as well. If Blugo and I hadn't persuaded Alex to adopt this wiki, there would be no crat to facilitate crat-related wiki management.

    Following this, I had initially set the user inactivity to two months so an inactive user tag would appear in a user's profile if the user has not contributed for two months. Is there any opposition for this length? Suggestions are also welcome!

    I also created this thread as consensus is again required due to the request I made for Gvirus and Zombie's user right removal. Their bureaucrat status would be removed. If anyone (Alex or Lisa if you are reading this :P) has a sure way of talking to Zombie if he still wishes to be a crat, please do so. Wiki email is not too reliable since the email given may not be always checked as it is not the user's main email.

    GVirus's admin status would also be removed. If Zombie can't be contacted, his admin status would be removed as well. Although, this would be handled by our crat Alex.

    Tl;dr: Wikia staff are the only ones able to remove crat rights. Would there be any disagreement with removing GVirus and Zombie's bureaucrat rights? Consensus is required.

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