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    Some EC images are variations of several enemies.
    19:00, June 23, 2014

    Does anyone have access to previous version (probably BETA) of AMR that probably contained extra infos in Extra Content? MeltingMan234 created a Samurai Wasp Shield Ranged but from the image it's just a regular Samurai Wasp. There's also the Ruin Generator that was added before, although I removed it since it's not in the current version (or at least the version I have) of the Extra Content.

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    • I know all there is on the current BETA material pretty much and I don't believe that there was ever any updates or differences made to the Extra Content. Is your version a Steam edition or physical? If its Steam then an updates could have been possible.

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    • Nope, it's not Steam. There's also this:

      It's another picture of the Card Guard although not present in EC for the non-Steam version. I placed it in {{UC}} since I don't know where to place it.

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    • Oh, I also don't have Drowned Sailors' Captain included in my version. No wonder it's 75 in the article page. Can someone post a decent screenshot of the DSC in the Extra Content of the game?

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