• LiaSakura
    LiaSakura closed this thread because:
    18:50, June 12, 2014

    To prevent any more increase of uncategorized image uploads that also do not have any actual use in the articles themselves at all aside from blogs. Please just hotlink these images if they have a good size to fit in with your blog, or just link the actual post to limit any image uploads. Also, please observe limitations (3-4 images at most) if ever possible. Most of the time, not only do uploaded images go in uncategorized pages - if the uploader doesn't properly categorize it - but some of these images also go in unused files. If left ignored, these just continue to increase.

    Regarding blogs, a good tip would be giving an overview if it's about updates or a cluster of huge news. Since the actual content is in whichever website the update was placed, the actual link would suffice.

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