• I just spent the last two days looking through the files inside the 'INT' folder and found a lot of deleted aspects of the game.

    Along with many deleted characters and quotes, I also found three memories that I wanted to share with you.

    From Alice's mother:

    "Imaginary friends are fine. We can call them to mind, anytime. But would that each of us had a "real" friend Alice, that we could summon with a horn, or a bell, a whistle or a word as needed. That would be ideal!"

    From Mister Radcliffe:
    "Head? Yours is particularly unattractive... and very impertinent. I've made my decision. Off with her head... Sentence first. Verdict afterwards."

    ANd, surprisingly enough, from Charlie (The blond boy at the beggining of the game):
    "That 'Salvation' cow on the High Street says Jonah's another word for 'jinx'.  Man's saved from certain death with nothing worse than fish stink on him. Lucky bloke, I'd say."

    I will probably post more of the unreleased data here, once I'm through with more of the files.

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    • Please do! Those memories are really interesting, especially the first one.

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