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    Namespace was created and the pages needed to be deleted were... deleted.
    03:43, October 23, 2014

    Hysteria31 brought up the idea of creating transcripts and had already started creating them in her blog post. While it is an interesting idea, I would like to ask if you guys would like another namespace for the transcripts (e.g. Transcript:Hatter's Domain) or have it created as a mainspace article (e.g. Hatter's Domain transcript). The difference between the two is that the transcript namespace would just list all transcript pages while an article created in the mainspace would be mixed with the article pages like Alice Liddell, Queen of Hearts, etc. when an advanced search is used.

    Following the creation of transcripts, the quotes page would have to be removed since most of the lines of each character would be present in the transcript. And there is also the problem with which lines of the character would actually be considered as a quote. The quote articles originally existed to have it separated from its main article in the event that the quotes would increase and clutters the page.

    Please give your opinions, thanks!

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    • I didn't understand most of what this says, but I'm glad you are, I think, interested in it? Um, yes. If they don't fit on here that's fine, it was something I was doing anyway, for personal reference.

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    • I, for one, prefer the namespace over mainspace. Although, I would keep the quotes page until someone does the transcript for AMA. I believe I might have the beggining of one somewhere.

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    • It's on my to-do list, an AMA transcript.

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    • I couldn't find it among my files, but I did find a very complete game script over at gamefaqs. Incredibly so.

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