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    Actual thread for wiki merge created.
    15:55, June 16, 2014

    And so I found another dead wiki while searching the net, the wiki can be seen here. If you find any wikis (inactive or not) solely about American McGee's Alice-series, please post it here. Alice Wiki aims to be "an ultimate encyclopedia on Alice", and this wouldn't be possible if there's a bunch of (dead) wikis around about Alice and the materials used in these said wikis are from this Alice Wiki in actuality.

    If you find an Alice Wiki in a different language, please post the URLs here and we will try our best to help them.

    The other English wikis solely about American McGee's Alice-series, however, will be merged with this one. If they are active, there would be communication with the active editors of the other wiki regarding the possibility of a merge. Like the last wiki merge thread I created, a notice would be put up by a representative for this wiki

    Why do I keep finding dead wikis? ;-;

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    • That wiki is dreadful ._.

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    • Community consensus is needed for the dead wiki to be merged with us. Please post your response here.

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