• With the Lost Soul and the Drowned Captain's crew not formally introduced during the game, I am proposing that the three dead sailors in the crypts in Lost Souls Locker be named (at least) as "Drowned Captain's crew". Originally, the VO file of the crew is named and the crew of the Drowned Captain have the abilities of the Drowned Sailors (they can throw bombs, burrow underground and suddenly raise up for an uppercut and will go for a ground-punch afterwards).

    However, the IGN guide says the Lost Souls are enemies capable of firebomb attack. This part is true, also the fact that when they die, their bodies will float and a ghost will come out of it. This is not apparent in Drowned Sailors and the Sailors also have another attack unlike the Lost Souls, further separating them from each other.

    However (again), the term "Lost Soul" was never shown in the game when the enemy made his actual appearance in Naval Disaster, unlike the Drowned Sailor, who was introduced in Lost Souls Locker. Which means that IGN's naming of the enemy is unverified. This would leave the actual Lost Soul enemy to have a Conjecture template, because they were never called as such and the scene name, "Lost Souls Locker" might also be referring to the crew of the Drowned Captain.

    A Conjecture template will be used for the Drowned Captain's crew (if the community agrees with the name), because the name isn't found in an official source.

    I'm also open for other suggestions! I created this thread so that the Lost Souls page can be expanded and the UC template will finally be removed. There are a lot of pages with the UC template and cleaning them one by one would lessen the numbers. So please reply with your thoughts, reactions, or suggestions to this proposal.

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