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Tim Hargrove
Long Tim
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Long Tim




41[1] (deceased)

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Security guard


Security guard for the Mangled Mermaid

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Tim "Long Tim" Hargrove[1] was the security guard for the Mangled Mermaid. He was killed by Jack Splatter using the Vorpal Cleaver.[2]

History Edit

Alice: Madness Returns Edit

During a heated argument between Nan Sharpe and Jack Splatter, Nan mentioned that he would never get past Tim. In a fit of anger, he went to the back of the whorehouse and forced his way in.[2] Tim tried to stop him[3] but had gotten stabbed with a cleaver. Jack proceeded to Nan's room to beat her up and set the establishment on fire.[2] The police arrested Jack later on for murdering Tim.[4]

Trivia Edit

  • Alice remembered Tim as predicting he would live long and die of a "social" disease. He may have been a friend of sorts to Alice as she showed empathy to his corpse.[2]
  • Unused text in the game reveals his full name is "Tim Hargrove"; he was 41 years old, and was stabbed to death by Jack Splatter.[1]
  • Upon closer inspection, the Vorpal Cleaver can be seen lodged in his body.[2]

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