[START OF 2D CUTSCENE]. Lizzie's key drops and swings slightly before it zooms in and more keys start appearing. Eventually, several pocketwatches replace the keys and Alice is seen back in Wonderland with her friends.
Dr. Bumby Come now Alice, it's only a dream.
Alice It's not a dream, it's a memory. And it makes me sick!
Dr. Bumby Now, focus. Wait, you're floating again. Weightless. A cipher, relax.
Alice Fire! I-I'm in hell!
Dr. Bumby Forget it. Abandon that memory. It's unproductive. Go to Wonderland.
Alice I can't. I'm trapped... in my past.
Fire onlooker #1 Sergeant, this girl is badly burned!
Fire onlooker #2 Call for a doctor!
Fire onlooker #3 Will she be alright?
Dr. Bumby No Alice, discard that delusion. Forget it! Go to Wonderland.
Alice I'd rather not doctor, my Wonderland's shattered, it's dead to me.
Dr. Bumby Your preference doesn't signify girl. Now Alice, where are you?
Alice I'm sailing, with a friend. It's... different somehow. Things have changed.
Dr. Bumby Change is good, it's the first link on the chain of forgetting.
Alice What's happening? Are you mad?
Dr. Bumby I'm not mad!
Alice Rabbit!
Dr. Bumby That's not right. What's he doing here?
Alice Is something wrong?
White Rabbit Something.... wrong? Raaaaaaaaaather!
Alice Oh no, not that!
Dr. Bumby Don't struggle, Alice. Let the new Wonderland emerge.
Alice Pollution, corruption, i-it's killing me! My Wonderland's destroyed, my mind is in ruins!
Dr. Bumby Forget it, Alice! Block that dream, wake at the sound.
Alice Ahhhhhh!
[END OF 2D CUTSCENE]. [START OF CUTSCENE]. Alice finishes her session with Dr. Bumby.
Dr. Bumby There, Alice, better now aren't we?
Alice My head's exploded and there's a steam hammer in my chest.
Dr. Bumby Yes, well, the cost of forgetting is high.
Alice My memories make me vomit. What can I-
Dr. Bumby Remember other things.
Alice I want to forget! Who would choose to be alone, imprisoned by their broken memories?
Dr. Bumby I'll set you free, Alice. Memory is a curse more often than a blessing.
Alice So you've said, many times. And-
Dr. Bumby And I will say again. The past must be paid for. Now, before our next session, collect those pills from our High Street chemist.
Alice Very well, doctor.
Alice walks to the door, opens it and sees Charlie.
Charlie It's my turn to forget, Alice!
Alice is outside the room.
Dr. Bumby Ah, Charlie. Your pa was hung for killing your ma who beat you. Let's forget that, shall we? The past is dead, Charlie.
Alice sees a white cat in Whitechapel Market. [START OF CUTSCENE].
White Cat Mrrrow!
Alice Hello puss! Puss puss puss! Don't be afraid!
[END OF CUTSCENE]. Alice keeps on following the white cat until it leads her to an alley. [START OF CUTSCENE]. She hallucinates several people with Jabberwock heads closing in on her. A hand is placed on her should and snaps her out of the hallucination. She turns around and sees it is one of her former carers, Pris Witless.
Pris My stars and garters, Alice Liddell! Slumming again, are we?
Alice Nurse Witless, what luck. Twice in as many months.
Pris You look frazzled, dearie. Not doing well?
Alice Not really.
Pris Come along home, then, and look at my pigeons. Pretty birds... like you.
Alice I don't think so. Our last visit cost me several pounds and got me nowhere.
Pris I might recall where your mangy rabbit got to.
Pris Still a mess, no surprise. Her kin roasted like chestnuts right before her eyes! Ten years in Rutledge Asylum wasted everyone's time. Doctor Bumby won't do better. Still hauling out her questions, the fire, her memories, I deserve consideration don't I? Who found her her new clothes? Who got her a place at Bumby's? Where'd she be without me, on the street selling her backside! Likes my pigeons though. She's doled out the odd pound or two, but what I know is worth more than that. Kept her secret, haven't I? Heard her say, "All died on my account, I couldn't save you!" I've told her my silence is for sale, cheap! I'm a good sort really, not like her nanny that uppity whore, or that lawyer fellow Radcliffe took her stupid rabbit. Need money, warned her I'd tell the coppers if she didn't make a donation to my upkeep. She yells and goes off her head, days she can't even remember her name, what I've heard.
[END OF 2D CUTSCENE]. Alice is on Pris' rooftop. She walks to where Pris is feeding the pigeons. [START OF CUTSCENE].
Alice Nurse Witless, do you mean to harm me? To send me back to the asylum?
Pris I won't say no, I've got a thirst you could photograph. [Voice becomes monstrous] Need a drink. More than my whistle needs whetting!
The ground beneath Alice shakes and crumbles before she eventually falls into Wonderland. While Alice is falling, various furniture, parts of machinery, and teapots are floating around her.
Pris Pretty birds, like you.
Dr. Bumby Go to Wonderland.
Dred Killed her family.
Dr. Bumby It's only a dream.
Alice Pollution, corruption...
Still falling, Alice sees pipelines with doll heads. After passing these pipelines, she stands upright and transforms into her Classic dress. She safely lands on the ground and looks around.
Alice Very upsetting journey, but I'm rid of Pris, or whatever she's become. At least the place I've landed is somewhat familiar.
Cheshire About time too, Alice.
Alice Blasted cat! Don't try to bully me, I'm very much on edge.
Cheshire Purrrfect. When you're not on edge you're taking up too much space.
Alice You're no help at all!
Cheshire But you know I can be.
Alice I'll frighten myself, when necessary thanks very much. I was hoping to escape from all that.
Cheshire Abandon that hope. A new law reigns in this Wonderland, Alice. It's very rough justice all round. We're at risk here. You... be on your guard.
[START OF CUTSCENE]. Alice sees the Drink Me potion's liquid forming a small pool on the ground.
Alice I've been down this road before. Good things in small packages?
Cheshire Though lacking a bathing costume, a plunge in that pool is in order.
Alice My god, I'm shrinking in this potion! Sh-shall I disappear?
Cheshire Almost. But the upside is that while smaller you can see things that are nearly invisible to your bigger self.
Alice Ah, I get it. Quite. 'Forests for the trees' just the other way round. Short-sighted is more than a matter of perspective.
[START OF CUTSCENE]. Alice follows the trail of blood and sees the skeleton of the Jabberwock with the Vorpal Blade lodged in its head. Cheshire Cat appears beside her.
Cheshire The Vorpal Blade is swift and keen, and always ready for service.
Alice I've not come back here looking for a fight.
Cheshire Really? That's a pity. One's certainly looking for you.
[START OF CUTSCENE]. Alice looks around the Duchess' house while walking and sees the Duchess herself cooking.
Duchess Ah, it's you again Alice. You may approach.
Alice Why would I do that? You want to eat me.
Duchess Yes, well you taught me manners and I've lost my taste for mad women; strictly a porcine diet for me. Everything's better with bacon, don't you agree? Of course you do. Now, there are Pig Snouts scattered about. I heard a few behind the house; go fetch them for me. But take care of the pests that block your way. Pepper them up if they do. They need spice and you're just the dish - ehm - girl to season them for me. You'll find that grinder serviceable.
Alice Why not season your own pig parts?
Duchess Matter of priorities. My alabaster skin needs protection from the disgusting creatures running amok amidst the environs. But one gets peckish! Look, all you have to do is listen for the oink, then shoot the snout. You may like the results, I certainly will.
[END OF CUTSCENE]. Alice finishes the task and returns to the house. [START OF CUTSCENE].
Duchess Thank you so much for the snout! Now go away.
After some carriages of the Looking Glass train falls of the edge of the vale.
Alice Hatter always hated mechanical malfunctions. This disaster is either his doing, or his epitaph.
[START OF CUTSCENE]. Alice rides the tram leading to the Hatter's Domain.
Alice The Hatter's Domain, almost as I remember it.
Cheshire Appearances, as you know better than most, can be deceiving, Alice. Much has changed since your last visit.
Alice Doctor Bumby says change is constructive, that different is good.
Cheshire Different denotes neither bad nor good, but it certainly means not the same. Find the Hatter, Alice. He knows more about different than you.
Alice But does he know more about the difference between bad and good?
Cheshire Making friends, Alice? You're as randomly lethal and entirely confused as you ever were.
Alice I've managed without you so far, Cat. Return to whatever hovel's home to you. I'll call if I need you.
Cheshire Predictably rash. It's not a matter of if, Alice, it's when. Now hold on, and as they say, shut up.
Alice So typical.
[END OF CUTSCENE]. The tram smashes into the side of the Domain leaving Alice laying on the ground.
Alice I've made more graceful entrances, though I suppose I should be grateful nothing's broken.
Alice Our lovely library was a firetrap! A conflagration waiting to happen!
[START OF CUTSCENE]. Alice sees the limbless Hatter held up by a mechanical hand.
Hatter [Nonsense muttering] Bad dreams... and a blasted good night! Don't be silly.
Alice Hatter, I recall leaving you in a decrepit condition.
Hatter What, what?
Alice But not in pieces!
Hatter Oh, it's you!
Alice What's happened here? You've lost your hat, and some... parts are missing.
Hatter Missing indeed! Though things being what they are, I barely miss their missing! As for what's happened, you should know that better than I! It's your place after all. I know my place.
Alice When did you ever know your place? Or how to keep it? Now what's going on?
[Metallic screech].
Hatter Ahhh! That's going on! It's around and up and down and into my ears and through my eyes and up my nostrils down my gullet and winding in my guts!
Alice Papa was exceedingly fond of trains. I don't like them much.
Hatter You won't like this one at all, nothing like when Mock Turtle was in charge of the Looking Glass Line. This railroad's a bloody shambles. The stink is ferocious, light blinding, the noise hellacious!
Alice Ah, quite Hatter. I get the idea, a bad train.
Hatter The world is upside down, Alice! Inmates run the asylum, no offense, and worst of all, I'm left, tealess!
Alice Tragic. If I do help, will you help me in return?
Hatter Cross my heart, if I had one! Find my limbs and toss them into the chute! Machines will do the rest, be on your way now, that's a good girl! Haha, the best way out is through the clock face!
[START OF CUTSCENE]. Alice sees the Dormouse in his control room.
Dormouse Your presence here is unwelcome. We have a mission to complete, and you are an intolerable annoyance. Some like it hot, but no one likes it this hot! Ahahaha!
[END OF CUTSCENE]. After Alice turns the valve. [START OF CUTSCENE].
Dormouse I've got the arms you need. Well, strictly speaking the Hatter needs them. Well, it really doesn't matter, I'm going to crush you!
[END OF CUTSCENE]. After Alice cools the lava and goes on to the higher floor to reach the Dormouse.
Dormouse Take that then! The path "less traveled" is now impossible to negotiate. Hahaha. You can't reach me. No, not at all!
After Alice turns the valve to cool the lava on the second floor. [START OF CUTSCENE].
Dormouse A temporary setback, a minor hindrance, a trivial impediment! I'll just move along, I'll deal with you later, Alice. You'll never stop our grand plan!
[END OF CUTSCENE]. Dormouse flees his room and Alice pulls the lever to detach Hatter's arms and it goes into the rubbish chute.
After Alice retrieves Hatter's arms and returns to where Hatter is.
Hatter Mobility will make a nice change! Expect no thanks until I'm completely reconstructed. No resting on laurels, chiffoniers, chaise lounges, mean folding chairs, stools...
[START OF CUTSCENE]. Alice sees March Hare in his control room.
March Hare Your dogged persistence will be rewarded with pain. I told you to cease and desist and my warning goes unheeded! So, without regret, you're about to feel like a lobster who's been tossed into the boiling pot.
[END OF CUTSCENE]. After Alice pulls the lever. [START OF CUTSCENE].
March Hare Ah, that's it! I can feel it surging! Faster my fine feathered friends! Don't stop now!
[END OF CUTSCENE]. After Alice pulls the lever that stops some of the dodos from running. [START OF CUTSCENE].
March Hare Don't you dare stop! Keep running so help me, I'll, I'll, I'll!
[END OF CUTSCENE]. After Alice pulls another lever. [START OF CUTSCENE].
March Hare No. Stop. That's enough, now. Argh, stop your running, you blithering idiots!
Hatter's legs and the rest of the dodos stops running.
March Hare You think that can stop us? The merest trifle. I'll be leaving now, you'll never catch me, don't even try!
[END OF CUTSCENE]. March Hare escapes his room and Alice pulls the lever to free Hatter's legs and it jumps into the rubbish chute.
[START OF CUTSCENE]. Alice witnesses Hatter's limbs get attached and his hat placed on his head by various mechanical hands.
Alice I've finished my work and you're complete, Hatter. Now, what about this damnable train?
Hatter I feel like a new man! Or whatever I am. I feel like an unsprung spring, like an uncorroded gear, like an untarnished bit of metal that sticks in your eye!
Alice Answer me Hatter, I'm suffering. And changes here are the cause, or they're a reflection, or the effect. What's going on? What are the new rules?
Hatter The law is just, just a whisper away. A way whom to wonder, wonder who. Who knows how to measure rules? With a ruler! Cruel rules, myehh...
Alice Idiot, I should have left you in bits. Come, the least you can do is help me discover what's going on!
Hatter places a hand on Alice's shoulder, turns her around and jumps up the ceiling. They go to the Assemblage (or Destruction) part of the domain. [END OF CUTSCENE].
After Alice clears the area. [START OF CUTSCENE].
Hatter These clock bits will be our macadam, our road into Assemblage. Courage Alice! I'll get this door open!
[END OF CUTSCENE]. While Alice fights the Ruin.
Hatter I'm trying to think, but nothing happens. Ah, there, now I've got it! Oh yes, I'm on a roll. Won't be long now.
After Alice defeats the last Ruin. [START OF CUTSCENE].
Hatter I cannot be cabobbled forever! We're in! Follow me!
[START OF CUTSCENE]. After Alice follows the Hatter into another room, the Infernal Train is heard.
Alice This feels like an earthquake! What's happening?
Hatter Do I really look like I know? Your judgement must be severely impaired.
[END OF CUTSCENE]. After arriving where the Infernal Train is.
Alice We've found the source of the shaking, but are those two quaking? What are they up to?
Dormouse You'll never stop us, silly Hatter and Alice! It's left, you're too late!
Hatter The insolence, the arrogance, the inexorable table manners! They are destroyers of Wonderland! Defilers, diluters, derangers... Delightful... [Coughing sounds].
Alice Did they actually create that Infernal Train to destroy Wonderland?
Hatter What does that matter? They deserve to die! Aargh! Put me down this instant! I ought to...
Dormouse Enough talk! Battle time, missy!
A huge mecha starts appearing.
Dormouse Abandon false hope! Forget the past, the damage is done!
March Hare Let the madness begin! Resume the folly!
Hatter drops a huge metal teapot on the mecha.
Dormouse Oh no!
March Hare Ahh!
Hatter No, my precious domain! And the guests! All I really wanted was another tea party!
Alice Please, Hatter! You promised! Where is that train going? What's its purpose? Tell me, now.
Hatter There's no time for... whatever it is you want to talk about. It's time for tea! Talk trains with Turtle, he ran the Looking Glass Line. Mhmhmhm, come on you lot! We can still be friends! I've got a fine darjeeling! Drink! drink!
Alice My memories are shattered. I'm trying to collect the pieces, and I now believe the train impedes me. You must help me! You promised!
Hatter Ask the one who 'helps them what helps themselves.' Whoever that is. Ah!
Alice Very pithy. He deserved to die. And I'm about to drown in tea, and ignorance-

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