[START OF CUTSCENE]. Alice clutches her head and slowly wakes up from inside the gaol.
Inmate [In a brawl] Ahh! Get away from me!
Guard Oi, you there! That's enough of that! Becoming a regular in this nick, Alice? What's it this time, Fred?
Fred Howling outside the Old Lady, muttering about a murder in Threadneedle Street, cursing insects, and the national railroad. Had to bring her in, didn't I?
Guard Tut tut tut, menace to herself, but no danger to others surely! She don't belong in gaol.
Fred Too true, but where then does she belong?
Guard Let her out, Fred. Send her back to Doctor Bumby, he raised holy hell last time I kept her overnight.
Fred Oh, what happened?
Guard Same night Jack Splatter, that waste of mother's love, was nabbed for gutting that heavy outside the Mermaid. I was taking Alice down, and ah, we meet two coppers walking Jack to the cells. He's mouthing in the usual "I never! Wrong bloke!" nonsense when he sees Alice. "That's the bitch what done it!" he yells. She screams: "You miserable cur! You leech! You maggot! Living off another's labor!" etcetera, etcetera. I'm admiring her line of inquiry, but suddenly she hits her head or something and faints. Couldn't send her home, could I?
Fred And Doctor Bumby pitched a fit?
Guard Said he'd have me job and me ass on a plate! Heh, told him he could have the former, heh, leave the latter alone thank you very much! Good night, Alice. You know the way out.
[START OF CUTSCENE]. Alice arrives in Queensland after using the Cardbridge slide. She lands on a piece of a broken pathway to the Heart Palace and looks around.
Cheshire Back to admire your handiwork? Returning to the scene of the crime.
Alice It had to be done, Cat. You said so yourself. "You and this Red Queen cannot both survive. She is a cancer in your body. Excise her, or perish."
Cheshire Well, she was the face of evil in the Heart of Darkness.
Alice She didn't treat you too well last time, lost your head as I recall.
Cheshire She was completely deranged. You picked up her crown, but now you've put it down. You must speak to her, what's left of her anyway.
[START OF CUTSCENE]. Alice walks up to the entrance of the Heart Palace and sees the White King restrained on the door.
Alice The Red Kingdom's in ruins, but you're no better off.
White King When you defeated her, I tried to reclaim the castle, but I was set upon by her monstrosities. The malignant royal bitch still reigns.
Alice I'm here to petition her. I must get inside.
White King The only way in is through me. Sacrifices must be made.
Alice Those who say so usually mean they should be made by others.
White King Cynicism is a disease. It can be cured. Once inside beware of the outsized killer who patrols her domain. Never confront him, he is invincible. Now, cut me loose. I'll show you the meaning of sacrifice.
After being chased by the Executioner, Alice slides down a hole that leads her to a room.
Executioner [Numerous groans and shrieks throughout the domain].
Alice jumps down a hole in the ground and goes along a path that leads further into the Heart Palace.
Queen of Hearts [From afar] The perfect guest does not overstay, the perfect guest stays home!
Executioner [Numerous groans and shrieks throughout the domain].
Dinah Myah!
Alice Lizzie hated locked rooms! Her room was further from the fire than mine! Smoke could not have killed her, she never locked her door. And besides, she knew another way out of the house, out of the window. Someone incapacitated or killed Lizzie, then locked her door, then took the lamp downstairs and started the fire to cover up their crime! Their plan was to kill us all!
[START OF CUTSCENE]. The Executioner chases Alice in the Majestic Maze.
Executioner Grrrr! Ruhhh!
The Executioner continues to chase Alice until she arrives in the center of the maze and finds the Eat Me cake. The Executioner stops and watches her as she takes a piece of the cake and eats it.
Alice [Coughs].
Alice continues to grow in size after eating the cake. She smirks and looks down on the Executioner while he could only gape and drop his scythe in shock. Afterwards, she immediately stomps on him.
Executioner Gru---
[START OF GIGANTIC]. Alice is in Gigantic mode making her way through the courtyard of Dark of Heartness. She sees a red flesh portal that summons Card Guards and stomps on it.
Queen of Hearts Oh!
Alice gets hit by the staff of the Card Guards.
Alice Ah! Urf!
Alice rips the tentacle of the ground.
Queen of Hearts Wrah!
After stomping on the first heart.
Queen of Hearts It's only a flesh wound...
Alice pulls out the second stray tentacle.
Alice Urg!
After Alice stomps on the second heart.
Queen of Hearts Oh, my heart!
Queen of Hearts Ooh, let us be! No need to go further!
Alice pulls the third stray tentacle.
Alice Urrruh!
Alice stomps on the third heart.
Queen of Hearts Wrah!
Queen of Hearts Owww! Please, go away!
As Alice walks towards the Heart Eye tower.
Queen of Hearts Unwelcome visitor: return from whence you came!
Alice is near the Heart Eye tower.
Queen of Hearts Cease and desist!
Alice takes the heart at the bottom of the tower and crushes it.
Queen of Hearts [Screeching].
The tower crumbles and falls to the ground in pieces as Alice looks around and notices the Drink Me fountain. She takes the fountain and drinks all the liquid in it. She drops the fountain and steps over the small wall as she shrinks. [END OF GIGANTIC. END OF CUTCSCENE].
[START OF CUTSCENE]. Alice slowly walks toward the throne room to face the Queen of Hearts.
Alice I was expecting someone else.
Queen of Hearts You don't know your own mind.
Alice It's nearly a complete stranger.
Queen of Hearts What you claim not to know is merely what you've denied. You've recaptured your vagrant memories, what are you doing with them? You once rejected my attempts to control our lives, forcefully! But now you've allowed another to succeed in my role!
Alice I won't miss your tentacles.
Queen of Hearts You'd prefer the hot stinking breath and unyielding attention of a potent unreasoning unfeeling hellraiser?! I don't think so!
Alice Can you give me more than a warning? Caterpillar said you might help.
Queen of Hearts I'd need a better reason to respond than what's currently on offer!
Alice If you don't we're all doomed.
Queen of Hearts Not doomed-forgotten. I may survive here, but you're finished! You see the pattern of destruction, I know you do. The Train is trying to destroy all evidence of your past, and especially, the fire! Now, who would want that? Who benefits from your madness?!
Alice The destruction of Wonderland, is the destruction of me?
Queen of Hearts Indeed! And vice-versa.
Alice I've set it in motion, I can derail it. This is good for me. I'm not insane, I didn't kill my family. I am fine. I'm not mad, I'm innocent. I-I mean, not guilty. What's happening? What are you doing?
Queen of Hearts The Train must be stopped. But there's more to do. Your view conceals a tragedy. The whole truth you claim to see eludes you because you won't look at what's around you!
The Queen opens her mouth to eat Alice and send her into a nightmare.
Queen of Hearts There is no method in this madness!
Dr. Wilson In my professional opinion, madness is often a treatable disease, though perhaps not in this case.
Queen of Hearts Authority must be obeyed, or it must be overthrown!
Pris Cruel to be kind, that's my technique as they say. But she's as mad as a hatter, poor dearie.
Dr. Bumby The worst is over, and over, and over. Forget it, Alice. Forget it.

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