Royal Rage

[START OF CUTSCENE]. Alice arrives at Royal Rage where the Jabberwock and Gryphon begin to battle. The Jabberwock defeats the Gryphon and then turns to Alice.
Jabberwock How typical. How foolish you were to think you could overcome your guilt.
[START OF CUTSCENE]. Alice runs over to Gryphon who lays dying.
Gryphon You've destroyed her guardian, Alice, and avenged my death. Enter the ultimate battle.
Alice Must I fight on? Can't the Red Queen be persuaded to surrender?
Gryphon True words and logic rarely defeat evil intent. She is still strong and so many have been harmed. They want revenge, which we call justice. She made this world and she must pay. You must lead our forces against her.
Alice I'm not sure I know how to lead.
Gryphon Do your best, Alice; you can only do your best; you can always

Battle Royale

[START OF CUTSCENE]. Alice arrives at Battle Royale where Chess Pieces are fighting amongst each other. One pawn is thrown from the cliff where the fray takes place.
White Pawn [Screeching].

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