hi everybody!

ok, i know that blogs should not be of questions only, but here they go:

1)Where do you see those "cut footages" that are mentioned in some of this wikia pages (Nurse Cratchet, Oyster Starlets, Mech, Orderlies...)???

2)where can you find a looking glass in American McGee's Alice!?!?!?!?

3)Do you think that Lewis Caroll has to be with the game?, you know, like if he actually existed in the game's universe, or something like that.....

4)Should we post something about the deleted characters of AMA??? :;topicseen

thank you, and also a little idea:

1)how do you think a next game would be, or how can it put a real "conclusion" to a trilogy? idea is that Alice, at the end of the "imaginary" third game, like in the conclusion of the first of Lewis' books (as alice´s sister, possibly Lizzie, imagined), Alice will become a very imaginative woman, helping children and telling them stories of her know, maybe because all of her horrible experiences at Rutledge and in Houndsditch, she would create her own asylum for other kids that actually help them in a good way.....

what is your idea?


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