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  • Mati9319

    Mental realm in Above the Clouds concept art belongs to Hilda Hewlett as stated in Update #10. She's born in London of course and if Alice: Otherlands will take place in 1876, she would be 12 at this time. It also kinda confirms that if two people would explore the same mental realm at the same time, they could be able to meet with each other. I think it's highly possible that it's Hilda on this plane behind Alice.

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  • Mati9319

    I allowed myself to collect and present the most important facts about upcoming animated series Alice: Otherlands from Kickstarter page. There'll be some informations that are mentioned on this wiki arleady, but I don't think it'll be big problem for anyone.

    • Alice will have an ability to visit other people's minds. More specifically: their Wonderlands,
    • Alice will visit minds of few famous people (including Thomas Edison, Charles Darwin or Mark Twain),
    • Alice will take the fight against an organisation or a singular bad guy ("or" because American McGee isn't sure already, which we can tell from the Kickstarter page), which plans to imprison all inhabitants of London in a "prison of the mind",
    • activity of this organisation (let's assume that it'l…

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