Alice with the Valkyries
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Richard Wagner's Otherland

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Wotan (formerly), Alice Liddell



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Valkyries are the winged residents of Valhalla. They are previously ruled by Wotan.

Biography Edit

Alice: Otherlands Edit

After Alice got her necklace stolen by Alberich, Richard Wagner changed the setting of the stage and a Valkyrie swooped down and kidnapped her to bring her to Wotan. In the palace, Wotan told her that the necklace contained a secret and ordered her to retrieve the necklace back and give it to him. Alice went to the mountain cavern with the other Valkyries and defeated Alberich in his dragon form.

When they returned to the palace, it was revealed that Wotan planned to use the necklace to reborn the earth from ash. Alice stood up against him as the two Valkyries were behind her, and then she flew up to his head and used her spear to stab his eye.[1]

Appearance Edit

The Valkyries wore black boots and ornate helmets with two horns. They each have a pair of black wings and wield black spears.

References Edit

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