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Village of the Doomed
Village of the Doomed
Also known as

Village of the Damned


Southwestern hemisphere

First appearance



American McGee's Alice

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Village of the Doomed map
Wonderland's become quite strange. How is one to find her way?
Alice Liddell asking Cheshire Cat[1]

The Village of the Doomed was the first location that Alice Liddell visited on her third trip to Wonderland. It was an underground mining village inhabited by the Torch Gnomes.

History Edit

American McGee's Alice Edit

The village, along with the rest of Wonderland, had been corrupted by Alice's insanity and the Queen's rule. Torch Gnomes were the main inhabitants, but they had been enslaved and forced to work under harsh conditions, wearing orbs to weight them down.

Alice was told by one young Gnome that the only person who would dare help Alice would be Mayor Elder, an old Gnome who previously ran the village.[1] He helped Alice find the Fortress of Doors.[2]

Appearance Edit

Dementia - Falling Down the Rabbit Hole

The unguarded exit that Alice fell in.

The Village of the Doomed was an underground civilization, most of which was based around mining. There was only one unguarded exit, which was Alice's rabbit hole. The area was entwined with rock and water, with the village floating on wooden stilts to hold it up. Many of the houses were colored in blues, reds, yellows, and greens and were twisted and mushroom-like, some were broken or destroyed by the Queen's tentacles.

The area was full of small shops, homes, and stations – some of which had been destroyed. The area used to have beautiful blue flowing waters running through it, however, it was now poisonous and acidic – burning Alice on impact. The area was also full to the brim with Card Guards at every corner attempting to hunt Alice.

Locations Edit

The Village of the Doomed had two different sections:

Residents and creatures Edit

  • Card Guards
  • Mayor Elder
  • Torch Gnomes

Trivia Edit

References Edit

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