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American McGee's Alice Official Strategy Guide
How do you know I'm mad?
The following information is taken directly from the official Alice game guide and must not be edited unless necessary.
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Ascension walkthrough
Area Queensland
Game American McGee's Alice
This is the official walkthrough for Ascension.


You find yourself on a path far below the Queen's castle on the opposite side of a lava moat. There's no direct way to reach the castle's drawbridge; find a stealthier way in.

Walk forward down the path until it abruptly ends. Hop down to a rock in the gap and pull yourself back up to the path. Move carefully around the support column and pick off two Heart Card Guards. Jump to their position.

As you climb the support, wheel around to slaughter two Heart Card Guards on a high platform. Pull up on the ledge and jump to the next support.

Move straight and when you run out of ground, leap to the next support. Climb up the support toward the castle. At the top, drop down to the right side.

Secret Passage (Part I)

Look carefully along the wall; a hidden entrance leads to a path inside the cliff. Drop down the steps and head across a long bridge loaded with Card Guards.

After you're safely across the bridge, race through the doorway and up a ramp. Pull up to the high ledge to the right.

Outside Again

As you temporarily leave the secret passage, decapitate the squad of Fire Imps manning the ledges. Walk to the end of the path and drop down to the path below. After the path ends, turn to pick off a Fire Imp standing on a pylon to the right. Face the end of the path and jump up to the rocks that block it. Cross the moat via the support and turn left to fight a pair of Fire Imps. Continue forward and enter another secret passage.

Secret Passage (Part II)

The entrance is guarded by two Boojums and a Jabberspawn. Continue through the passage into a small opening, and overpower three Fire Imps.

Climb the wall to the right, but be ready to fight a Phantasmagoria. Ride the steam up and immediately whomp the waiting Heart Card Guard.

Turn left and drop onto the head of another Heart Card Guard. Trust your fate to the steam jet and ride way up.

When you can rise no farther, float to solid ground. Climb the ledges to return to the relatively fresh air outside.

Castle Doors

Use the lower ledges to work your way down to the bridge. Cross to the ominous castle and eviscerate the two Heart Card Guards manning the doors. Go inside.

Castle Foyer

Fight your way up the ramp through the legion of Heart and Spade Card Guards. Keep your eyes peeled for Grasshopper Tea and several large Meta-Essence Crystals. At the top of the main ramp, descend the ramp on the other side.

Gut the final Heart Card Guard and make a break for the elevator. Ride it up to the Queen's keep.