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American McGee's Alice Official Strategy Guide
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The following information is taken directly from the official Alice game guide and must not be edited unless necessary.
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Beyond the Wall walkthrough
Beyond the Wall
Area Fortress of Doors
Game American McGee's Alice
This is the official walkthrough for Beyond the Wall.


The Rage Room

The room ahead is chock full of Card Guards. There is, however, a little treat in the center of the room that makes it much easier.

Arm your Blade and rush into the center of the room. Hop onto the platform and activate the Rage Box. While it's active, you do increased damage and receive very little. Let the slaughter begin.

After all the Club Card Guards are decapitated or sliced in half, explore the room. Head through the door beyond the Rage Box. Continue through three more doors.

Dancing Floor Room

Across the vast divide is the other half of the room. Periodically, pieces of the floor dance from the other side of the room to your side. Wait for a piece to fall into place in front of the ledge and step onto it.

When you reach the other side then, get your back against a wall and wait for the Boojum to attack. Let loose with the deck of Cards and deal a killer hand.

This crossing requires considerable patience. If you see the floor beneath your feet begin to give, step onto another square to await the next floor pieces.

There are two solid islands in the abyss. Don't pause for too long or you have to wait for the whole process to recycle.

Three-Tone Room

As you arrive in the next area, you see a vision of three doors closing on the opposite side of another nightmarish abyss. Listen carefully as they close; you need to remember the sequence of tones. Immediately turn your attention to vaporizing the pair of Boojums defending this room.

Note the switch here. If you get the door sequence wrong, reset the puzzle with this switch. It also replays the tune you must emulate. Go down the spiral staircase and pull the three switches in this order:

  1. Right
  2. Left
  3. Middle

Return to the upper level and approach the ledge; a piece of checkerboard floor awaits. Unlike in the previous room, the floor tiles here rise as you need them. Step onto the first and the next appears. Before you go, mow down the Diamond and Club Card Guards on the opposite side of the abyss. You don't want to be knocked off by a Diamond Card Guard's projectile. Near the other end of the abyss, jump to the platform. Walk through the doors, and bob and weave with the Diamond Card Guard manning the portal. Dive into the portal.

The Rising Floor Room

As you enter, this seemingly normal room erupts into chaos. The floor begins to spin and rise and fall. Two Club Card Guards ride the floor tiles, awaiting your arrival.

Jump to the first piece directly in front of you. Eventually, the piece you're standing on briefly meets up with the piece directly in front of it. Walk across while the pieces are fleetingly connected. Repeat this process across the room. There's no one way to get across. After you reach the last piece before the landing, back up as much as possible to get a running jump. You probably have to pull yourself up by your fingertips. After you reach solid ground, pass through the portal.

Three Door Monte

This room is the upper portion of the Rage Room. Three platforms jut out from your current location. At the end of each is a door. Periodically, the three doors switch positions. Before any switching begins, the door on the right conceals an entrance to a portal. Even if it moves, you'll know it by its green color. Dance with the Boojums. Once the coast is clear, explore the area. If the doors shift while you're standing nearby, be sure you aren't standing too close when the new one lands; they're heavy and they don't care who they crush. When the door opens, a portal reveals itself. Dive in quickly.