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American McGee's Alice Official Strategy Guide
How do you know I'm mad?
The following information is taken directly from the official Alice game guide and must not be edited unless necessary.
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Burning Curiosity walkthrough
Burning Curiosity
Area Land of Fire and Brimstone
Game American McGee's Alice
This is the official walkthrough for Burning Curiosity.



Push straight ahead into this gigantic canyon full of Fire Imps.

At the far end, a large lava pool bubbles to the left. If you require a boost in Strength of Will, jump over the rocks in this pool, but keep two things in mind. First, some of the rocks (including the one that holds the Vials of Will) may sink if you stand on them. Second, the pool is home to a Fire Snark. It's not worth the risk.

Move toward the right side of the canyon and climb the canyon wall. Navigable ledges line the wall as you travel from bottom to top, right to left.

The Canyon Wall

At the top of the wall, peer up the path to see a pair of Jabberspawns.

Fire Cave, Part I

You're greeted by a Boojum. Leap over the lava pool to the left. Two Fire Imps leap from a lava fall. Uphill, two Jabberspawns pace like caged dogs. At a high wall, jump onto a green rock to scale the ledge. Instantly, a Magma Man surfaces in the lava pool to the left. Hop on the rocks to the opposite side of the lava stream. Move quickly—some rocks may sink if you stand on them. You end up back on the right shore. Pull yourself up the rocks to look at daylight again.

Fire Ravine

Hop toward the left shore of the stream. Cross the river several times by jumping on the rocks. Fight the Jabberspawn long distance using alternate attacks with cards or the Croquet Mallet. Then jump to his perch.

The path turns into another cave. To the left is another Rage Box. Use it.

Fire Cave, Part II

Freeze the Boojum as you enter the shelter of the cave. Jump over a gap and extinguish the Fire Imps. Move forward to have another encounter with the Oracle. The disagreeable Oracle turns out to be a familiar face: Caterpillar.

Walk toward the light and climb the high wall.

Alice's House

Back in daylight, the convergence of Alice's damaged psyche and the state of Wonderland are revealed. High on a hill, Alice confronts her own home, untouched by fire.

Hopscotch along the rocks to the right. A Magma Man emerges from the fire, but don't waste time standing to fight. Pull yourself up on several small ledges and make many precarious jumps. After you reach the house, mow down the Jabberspawn and Fire Imp. Head through the portal in the house's front door.


  • Warning: The lava pools are inhabited by Snarks.