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American McGee's Alice Official Strategy Guide
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The following information is taken directly from the official Alice game guide and must not be edited unless necessary.
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Caterpillar's Plot walkthrough
Caterpillar's Plot - Humpty Dumpty
Area Wonderland Woods, Land of Fire and Brimstone
Game American McGee's Alice
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This is the official walkthrough for Caterpillar's Plot.

Walkthrough - Wonderland Woods

Back at full size, it's time to get some insight.

The Canyon of Fire

This canyon has four passages, each marked with signposts:

  1. The first leads to the Cave of the Oracle.
  2. The second leads to the Pale Realm (you'll go there next).
  3. The third goes to the Jabberwock's Lair. It's locked now.
  4. The fourth goes to Queen of Hearts Land (sign: "Majestic Maze"). You won't go there until much later.

Before you do anything, swat away the pesky Fire Imps as they converge on you.

Turn right and jump over the lava river. Follow the bridge to a platform rising from the pool of fire. On it rests part of the Jabberwock Eyestaff, which you'll need.

Look for a small ledge near the top. Jump onto it, then to the top to get the staff. Return to where you began.

The Oracle's Canyon

Go to the signpost and find your way to the "Cave of the Oracle". Take the leftmost of the three main passageways (through the stone tunnel). On the way, you encounter your first Magma Man.

Caterpillar's Plot - Guards

As you emerge, deal with the pair of Fire Imps and then whip around to snipe at the Diamond Card Guard on the ledge behind you. Next, move forward to face the pair of Phantasmagorias.

Continue left and forward. As the path narrows, two Boojums run up to say long-time-no-see. Show them what they've missed.

As you move into a large, open cavern, the Oracle addresses you. You need to collect the remaining parts of the Jabberwock's Eyestaff. Start by visiting the Pale Realm.

Return to the main cavern. You find that new enemies have repopulated the level for your return.

Path to the Pale Realm

Go down the second passage (marked "Pale Realm"). After you enter the cavern, deal harshly with the Boojums. Next up is a Red Pawn.

As the passage opens wider, the landscape begins to change. Chessboard ground is your first clue that the village of the white chess pieces can't be too far away.

Chessboard Stairs

Caterpillar's Plot - Lava path

Climb up the chessboard stairs, cutting a path through several Red Pawns. At the top, shoot down a Diamond Card Guard patrolling in the distance and look to your left for a Darkened Looking Glass. This allows you to get to the Pale Realm safely.

Turn the corner to the left and jump your way to the front gate of the Pale Realm.

Walkthrough - Land of Fire and Brimstone

Canyon of Fire

You are standing in front of the Jabberwock's Lair. Straight ahead and down this hill is the pass to the Majestic Maze and Queen of Hearts Land — this is where you're ultimately bound. Pay a visit to Humpty Dumpty. He doesn't talk much—too busy picking his own brain — but he does reveal a secret. Jump onto the ledge to the right of him and press the protruding brick into the wall.

Next, head into the tunnel you took earlier to visit the Oracle. It's blocked off, but a secret door is now open on the left. Venture into the hall to snag the Blunderbuss, the last Toy.

Follow the signposts to the "Majestic Maze". As you enter the pass, beat up a Fire Imp. Farther along, outsmart and out duel an array of Card Guards, including several Spade and Heart Card Guards. At the far end of this canyon, approach the barrier prohibiting your entrance into Queen of Hearts Land. Fire the Jabberwock's Eyestaff at the wall to blast a hole. Pass though.