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American McGee's Alice Official Strategy Guide
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The following information is taken directly from the official Alice game guide and must not be edited unless necessary.
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Centipede's Sanctum walkthrough
Centipede's Sanctum - Guarding
Area Wonderland Woods
Game American McGee's Alice
This is the official walkthrough for Centipede's Sanctum. As this is a boss battle, this area has no sections.


Centipede's Sanctum - Trench

The Soldiers shove Alice into the Centipede's headquarters. Your only option is to fight and claim the Mushroom you need to grow large. The Centipede's armor is nearly impervious to attack. A large red spot on his underbelly is unprotected. Attack there; anything else is a waste of Strength of Will.

Winning the right to bite the Mushroom is no simple task. The Centipede has several attacks:

  • He spits green goo.
  • He expels crawlers that latch onto and bite you. They're easy to kill but can't be loosened after they attach. Eventually they die on their own.
  • He rams with his spike helmet.
  • He grabs with his pincers and tosses you across the room. Often this lands you in the abyss surrounding the arena.
  • He uses his sharpened legs to stab. These limbs do damage any time you come in contact with them.

While it sounds overwhelming, there are a few things to keep in mind:

Centipede's Sanctum - Portal
  • The crawlers are your main source of Meta-Essence during this fight. After they die by either your hand or nature, they leave behind precious Crystals.
  • Get in tight, right under the Centipede's front legs and keep a medium distance — enough to avoid getting cut too badly by the front legs.
  • Eventually, the Centipede rears up and exposes his soft underbelly. When he does, give him a full dose of the Ice Wand. The Ice Wand's range and lack of precision are its assets here.
  • Don't stay close for too long, hoping to finish off the mighty insect in one blow. You frequently need to scour for Meta-Essence to keep up both your Sanity and Strength of Will.
  • There's a Grasshopper Tea power-up around the periphery of the arena. It can help you jump higher and run faster.
  • Be mindful of your position; it's possible to fall out of the arena.

After the monster is destroyed, a circle of stalactites falls from the ceiling, forming stairs. Climb them and have a bite of Mushroom. It's time to grow up.