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American McGee's Alice Official Strategy Guide
How do you know I'm mad?
The following information is taken directly from the official Alice game guide and must not be edited unless necessary.
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Dementia walkthrough
Dementia - Mayor Elder's house
Area Village of the Doomed
Game American McGee's Alice
This is the official walkthrough for Dementia.


Wrong side of the bridge

The mineshaft opens into a large room; diminutive Miners are hard at work. Talk to the small fellow working nearby.

As you complete this conversation, a large fleshy tentacle takes out the bridge that traverses the toxic stream below. You have to find another way across. Line up with the remaining planks of the destroyed bridge, back up, and take a running leap across the toxic stream. The steam rising from the stream gives you the extra lift you need to reach the other side where you find Drole Vel's Gas Extraction.

Drole Vel's Gas Extraction

At Drole Vel's Gas Extraction, chat with the Miner, then walk down the only available passage. At the first turn, the Cheshire Cat shows you a bit of Meta-Essence. Pick it up—that fall into Dementia hurt! Turn right. Pick up the Vorpal Blade at the top of the ramp.

Mayor Elder's House and Rana Mushroom Shop

Stroll down the ramp. As you reach the first platform, Rabbit shrinks and hops through a very small door in the wall. Looks like you can't follow him any farther. Not that way, at least. Just as Rabbit disappears, a Club Card Guard arrives. Climb the ramp and "cut the deck." Chat with the Miner in front of Mayor Elder's house. Turn right at the Rana Mushroom Shop and go through the door to the Buzzed Sawmill.

The Buzzed Sawmill

Creep straight ahead. Turn left and jump to grab the high ledge. If you're not sure where to jump, look for the Cat. Once Alice has a good hold, press Forward to pull her the rest of the way up.

Traverse the ledge and go up the first ramp to talk to the Miner. The shrinking secret you seek is in the Fortress of Doors. Look deeper in the Mine to find someone who helps you get inside. Turn left and climb a short ramp to another landing.

Look right and jump down to the platform leading to "Yur Mine." Again, the location of the Cat serves as your clue for where to go next. Go through the doorway to move to the next level.

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