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American McGee's Alice Official Strategy Guide
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The following information is taken directly from the official Alice game guide and must not be edited unless necessary.
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Herbaceous Border walkthrough
Herbaceous Border - Alice and Rabbit
Game American McGee's Alice
This is the official walkthrough for Herbaceous Border.


Clearing of Death

Rabbit's death

Walk forward to a clearing and meet with Rabbit. Unfortunately, Rabbit meets his untimely end under the foot of a mysterious passer-by. Alice, now without a guide, despairs. You have no choice but to go on. The clearing leads to three paths. The first, marked by a gigantic tiger lily, is where you just came from. The second is marked by a large sunflower and is the most difficult route.

The third, marked by a giant mushroom is the best place to start. Stroll up the path, destroy the Blood Rose, and jump into the hole in the ground.

Steam Room

Follow a long tunnel to a chamber with two large steam vents. Jump to the first, float to the second, and land gently on the distant ledge.

Continue to a Y-intersection (marked by a green light). Go left.

Mallet Chamber

Herbaceous Border - Flowers

As you approach the Mallet Chamber, those giant feet interfere again, causing a bridge to collapse. Use the glowing mushroom below you to reach the bridge above.

Cross the bridge toward the glowing Croquet Mallet and pass through the portal.

Island Room

This room features an elevated, isolated platform in the middle of the area below. Ignore it; you're just passing through. Cross the long winding bridge to a doorway, then enter the tunnel.

Card Chamber

Herbaceous Border - Trees

This room is highlighted by a ring-shaped bridge below. A steam vent rises from it.

Jump onto the steam vent and ride it to the first vine. Scale the rope, then leap to the next vine. Leap to the rock ledge and over to another ledge holding Cards. Climb the ramp, then pull yourself up to the surface.

The Surface

Immediately spin around and duel with the Blood Rose. Turn left and move down the path to fight another Blood Rose. After you can go no farther, turn right and jump to a vine. Swing down to the ground to the left of the tree's large root.

Drop down the hole and follow the tunnel.


  • During the Steam Room, climb down the vine to find a hidden Meta-Essence crystal. After you've nabbed it, climb back up and ride the steam vents.
  • During the Mallet Chamber, jump to the moss ledge to pocket the Croquet Mallet.
  • During the Island Room, if you drop into the well of this room, there is a Killer Mushroom waiting for you. Fortunately, there's also a dose of Grasshopper Tea to help you jump back up to the proper course.

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