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American McGee's Alice Official Strategy Guide
How do you know I'm mad?
The following information is taken directly from the official Alice game guide and must not be edited unless necessary.
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Hollow Hideaway walkthrough
Hollow Hideaway - Bill's house
Area Vale of Tears
Game American McGee's Alice
This is the official walkthrough for Hollow Hideaway.


The Base of the Falls

Stroll carefully down the path until a pair of Army Ant Soldiers appears in the misty distance. Waste the bugs and continue along the river. After the shoreline path curves to the right, spar with two more Army Ant Soldiers.

Use the two lily pads on the left to cross the water to a large tree root jutting into the river. Walk along the root to the shore. When you can't go any farther (darn blades of grass!), turn left and walk on another peninsular tree root.

The River (Part III)

Drop onto a leaf for another river run. The current takes you under another series of tree roots. Again, you'll need to shift position to stay afloat—right, left, right. Eventually, the current "docks" your leaf at the left shoreline. You're only option is to go ashore. Head left along the river, jump onto a lily pad, and back to the shoreline until it slopes uphill. That big Meta-Essence may look attractive, but it's a trap. Nevermind the two Army Ant Soldiers up the hill. Your first concern is the creature guarding the prize. Yes, the Mushroom.

Start by tossing Demon Dice up the hill to attract the attention of the Army Ant Soldiers. While the Demon does his work, hang back at the shoreline and back him up. When the Ants are dead, quickly but carefully approach the Evil Mushroom. Do so before the Demon disappears. If he's still around, he immediately attacks the Mushroom. Again, provide support until the Mushroom shrivels and dies. Snap up the large Meta-Essence.

Farther along the path, several Army Ant Soldiers are backed up by an imposing Army Ant Commander. Continue up the hill and confront another Army Ant Solider and a Blood Rose. Near the Rose, look down and jump on the leaf. Ride the leaf until you see an Army Ant encampment it by burning torches. Wait until the leaf drifts near a tree root, jump onto it, and use it to get to shore.

Mow down two Army Ants guarding the bizarre house and approach the front door.

You're greeted by the chameleon, Bill McGill (a.k.a. Larry). It appears you've arrived at the house of the Duchess. Larry gleefully offers to help. As you walk past the door, however, you find yourself sucked inside.


  • During the base of the falls, though the water is shallow, you cannot get anywhere by swimming. If you spend more than a few seconds in the water, a giant fish will devour you in one bite. You've been warned.
  • During the river, If you happen to awake the Mushroom while fighting the ants, avoid getting bayonetted by the ants. They love to impale Alice and loft her into the waiting jaws of the mushrooms.
  • Beware of the squardron of Ladybugs above.

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