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American McGee's Alice Official Strategy Guide
How do you know I'm mad?
The following information is taken directly from the official Alice game guide and must not be edited unless necessary.
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Majestic Maze walkthrough
Majestic Maze - Portal
Area Queen of Hearts Land
Game American McGee's Alice
This is the official walkthrough for Majestic Maze.


Start - Right, Left, Left, Left

Majestic Maze - Hatter Statue

Enter the maze. Turn left at the corner and head uphill. An array of Card Guards greets you.

As you near the next corner, two Jabberspawns spring from above: one ahead and one behind. Follow the trail to the left. Mow down the Card Guards and take the first left.

Ambush - Second Right, Right

Take the second right, but backpedal when the gang of Heart Card Guards jumps into action. As you retreat, be aware of a Jabberspawn that's popped up behind you. After everyone's vanquished, go around the corner to the right.

The Rage Box and The Portal - Right, Second Left

Majestic Maze - Rage Box

A Rage Box in the T-intersection.

As you approach the T-intersection ahead, pick up the Rage Box and dive into the opposition: a Phantasmagoria, a Jabberspawn, and a Boojum.

Go right at the T-intersection. As you go downhill, you pass the arrival side of a portal on your right. As you approach the next corner, you face several Card Guards and a Phantasmagoria from the front and a Boojum from the rear. Corner left and spin around to fight the Jabberspawn that's pounced behind you.

Heart-Shaped Doors and Exit

Pass through the heart-shaped doorway. Emerging on the other side of the hedge, do battle with several Boojums and Diamond and Club Card Guards. Leave all but one Club Card Guard alive. Pass through the larger heart-shaped doorway. Walk on either side of the divider. When the paths rejoin, go through the next heart-shaped doorway.

As you enter, an Insane Child steps on a pressure plate to the left. This opens the gate to the level exit but only so long as someone's standing on it. The Insane Child then dives into the other portal (taking him to the exit portal we saw earlier). Bring a foe with you to stand on that plate so you can pass through the gate and the exit. Retrace your steps to find the reinforcements that have reclaimed the maze.

After you're safely on the other side of the gate, step through the portal.


  • A portal in this maze's final room leads back to the exit portal.
  • Lure one of the Card Guards back with you. Get him to stand on the pressure plate and make a beeline for the gate.

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