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American McGee's Alice Official Strategy Guide
How do you know I'm mad?
The following information is taken directly from the official Alice game guide and must not be edited unless necessary.
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Mirror Image walkthrough
Mirror Image - Asylum room
Area Looking Glass Land
Game American McGee's Alice
This is the official walkthrough for Mirror Image.


Alice awakens in a very strange place. The entire building is turned, literally, on its side. First, go toward the ledge to the right of the portrait (from which the Cat spoke). Jump onto the wooden beam on the wall (ceiling). Climb up a few steps and turn around to jump to the ledge. Pick up a Rage Box.

Drop down quickly and make a U-turn into the passage out of the room. As you leave, the chandelier is on your left. Bear right and turn into a tunnel.

Go left and left again into a tunnel. Don't go through the next tunnel straight ahead, but instead turn right and continue. Walk to the corner ahead but don't turn right yet. Turn to face the mirror to your left. The glass breaks to reveal a Phantasmagoria. It also reveals some of the guts of this funhouse: several steam pipes and a clock on the wall. Break the clock with a projectile weapon. Through the glass next to the clock, a wall opens. This is where you're headed. Continue down the hall to the right. Turn left into the tunnel. Trudge straight and into a tunnel. This brings you to a T-intersection. To the left is the newly opened wall. Go right first. You'll return here in a moment.

A Clockwork Automaton bursts through the mirror directly ahead. Inside his lair is a very powerful new Toy: the Jacks. Leave this alcove and head straight towards the open wall.

The Rotating Tunnel

Mirror Image - Meta Essence


Mow down the Phantasmagoria as the tunnel rotates 90 degrees. There's a Darkened Looking Glass to collect. Turn toward the entrance of the tunnel to find it. When it stops moving, there are hallways at each end of the tunnel. Turn back the way you came and cover the left hallway first.

Left Asylum Hall

Look carefully along the walls and ceiling beams for several Nightmare Spiders.

Enter each of the unlocked doors in this hallway. Dark rooms can't be opened. Break the clock in each room with a projectile attack. There are four in this hall. Don't go through the door at the end of this hall; it's a very costly waste of time at this point. Return to the rotating tunnel and pass through to the other hallway.

Right Asylum Hall

Repeat the clock-breaking process in this hall. One clock is already broken (as you saw in the opening cinematic), leaving only three. When you break the last clock, a door somewhere in the complex bursts open.

Go through two doors at the end of the hall.

Tilting Room

Mirror Image - Boojum

The tilting room.

Navigate this area to get to the door on the upper level's opposite side. The various floors tilt in dangerous directions. For each tilting floor section, figure out how to make it balance by standing in the center or moving from one end to the other. It's important to stay on the platforms; a fall is fatal. Move forward, pausing to kill off the scads of Boojums. Choose a balanced area from which to fight and stay away from the edges of the floor.

Go right at the far end of the room and follow the walkway to the upper level. Stand in the center of the platform to balance its side-to-side tilt. Face the high room ahead (not the one filled with Insane Children).

Move back to tilt the platform up toward the high room. Run and jump to it as the platform drops under your weight. Turn around and leap toward the Roman numeral "X" floating above the room.

Leap to the next numeral (III) and to the next (IV). Bound to the roof of the room below to nab a Rage Box. Immediately, jump back down to the platform and jump to the large wooden double doors. Disintegrate the Phantasmagoria and enter the large boiler room.

Boiler Room

The large boilers have eerie faces built into them. When they open their mouths, anything in front of them is sucked into a vortex. As an added hazard, the water below is rife with toxic mercury sludge— substantial damage awaits unwilling swimmers. Exterminate all of the Boojums and Clockwork Automatons among the boilers.

Turn left down the walkway. Disable the distant Clockwork Automaton from the greatest possible range. Jump through the three swinging tubes to reach the other side. Stroll down the walkway to the door.

Tweedledee and Tweedledum

These dullards may not be too bright, but they're tough as all get-out. The hard part, however, is knowing which one to attack. The pair attack in several ways.

  • The brutes pull swords out of their throats and beat you with them.
  • The Tweedles sprout propellers from their heads, hover above you, and plummet to the ground in either a mighty stomp or a belly flop.
  • If you get too far away, you will see a steady flow of grenades.
  • Finally, and most annoyingly, Tweedledee and Tweedledum can split themselves open and produce lots of little Tweedles. These little clones have the same attacks as the corpulent two. Fortunately, you can maim and dispose of them quite easily.
Mirror Image - Tweedles

The Tweedles.

Fighting the Tweedles involves constant motion. The Fire Jack and Jackbomb are the best attacks against the Tweedles. Given the scarcity of Meta-Essence Crystals here, you might want to rely substantially on hand-to-hand combat. Focus on one of the Tweedles, thereby reducing the threat by half when you kill the first one. Start with the smaller (Tweedledum). Blast him with everything you have and then cut-and-dodge with your Vorpal Blade or Croquet Mallet. Soak up his Meta-Essence and move on to the larger brother.

Don't waste attacks on the clone Tweedles (though some are similar in size to their likenesses). When the brothers are eviscerated, you receive a greeting from the Hatter and are forcibly sucked into his realm.


  • In the hall of mirrors, Clockwork Automatons burst from the mirrored walls. Get the Rage Box, or you won't get through here without a fight.
  • Jump out onto the first tilting platform to attract the attention of the Boojums and the jump back into the doorway. This allows you to fight from solid ground.
  • If you're knocked into the water, immediately get to dry land and climb up the ropes.
  • To effectively fight the Boojums, voluntarily drop off the platform onto the safe ground around the boilers. From here, you're safe from being knocked into the water and from the disruptive force of the boilers intake.
  • When the clone Tweedles die, they are your primary source of Meta-Essence.

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