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American McGee's Alice Official Strategy Guide
How do you know I'm mad?
The following information is taken directly from the official Alice game guide and must not be edited unless necessary.
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Mystifying Madness walkthrough
Mystifying Madness - Waterfall
Area Queen of Hearts Land
Game American McGee's Alice
This is the official walkthrough for Mystifying Madness.


Start up either of the staircases and into the maze. Follow the path to a T-intersection, where you'll be ambushed by a Spade Card Guard, a Jabberspawn, and (behind you) a Phantasmagoria. Turn right and follow the path. As it nears a doorway, a similar ambush awaits. Enter the doorway and turn right at the first courtyard to find a diamond-shaped hole in the ground.

Mystifying Madness - Hallway

As you approach, two Jabberspawns and a Phantasmagoria jump into view. Prepare for some serious swimming, and dive into the hole. To help you get your bearings when you arrive at the floor of the lake, face the pool as shown in the image here (looking at the path from which the Phantasmagoria came).

Dive to the bottom and immediately fillet the two Snarks. Swim straight (toward the small Meta-Essence Crystal) into a tunnel. As you emerge from the tunnel, refill your Mock Turtle Shell at the bubble flow.

Turn right and swim toward the diamond-shaped light. As you pass under the light, submerge straight down to fight a Snark and refresh at another bubble flow. Swim around to the right. Knife a couple of Snarks and surface to look for a shore with a long string of Meta-Essence Crystals. Hop up onto shore. Vaporize the Spade Card Guard across the room and take the very long leap to the closest solid ground (it looks too far but it's not). Follow the ledge around to a stone platform and turn right to find a metal walkway. Lob a couple of Jackbombs down the hall to wipe out the Spade and Heart Card Guard squad.

Continue straight to find a switch. Pull it. This opens an underwater gate directly below your current position. Turn around quickly to fight two Clockwork Automatons who've appeared on the scene. Go right. Descend the stairs and follow the hall to a metal spiral staircase guarded by two Heart Card Guards. Climb the stairs and stroll along the catwalk to a T-intersection. Go right and jump atop a short wall. Carefully, cross the pipe and jump through the doorway. Stroll down the passage until you come to a doorway filled by a large Meta-Essence Crystal.

Mystifying Madness - Snark tunnel

Drop into the water and submerge to the bottom. Swim toward the diamond-shaped light. This brings you to the large pool. Follow the wall to the left. Swim into a tunnel marked by a clover-shaped light. As you swim, stop at both of the bubble flows to refill your supply. Slaughter the two Snarks and swim to the large bubble flow over the metal grate. Swim in and to the surface. Swim straight to the surface. Back on dry land, shoot the Heart Card Guard down the path. Follow the path to a T-intersection. Go left and take the first right after beating down the Boojum and Card Guards.

Turn left to cross the bridge, then go right. Follow the garden path to the left. Turn left. Rub out the Card Guards and turn right to find a switch. From here you can see the exit portal in a courtyard below, but it's behind an iron gate. Pull the switch here and the iron gate opens to clear the way. Turn around and go to the right to where the path ends at a ledge. Turn to face the way you came. Back off the path and drop to the lower path. Deactivate the Automaton, and go straight and left to the portal courtyard.

Obliterate the two Heart Card Guards and freely enter the waiting portal.