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American McGee's Alice Official Strategy Guide
How do you know I'm mad?
The following information is taken directly from the official Alice game guide and must not be edited unless necessary.
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Pale Realm walkthrough
Pale Realm - Clock
Area Looking Glass Land
Game American McGee's Alice
This is the official walkthrough for Pale Realm.


Market Courtyard

Move forward into the courtyard and approach the White Bishop. After a wordless conversation, you have an understanding. He lets you use him as a disguise to get to the Pub. Remember that the Bishop can only move diagonally. Navigate this room to avoid holes in the floor and spikes from the roof.

  1. Move diagonally forward one square to the left.
  2. Move diagonally forward two squares to the right.
  3. Move diagonally forward three squares to the left. This brings you to the left wall.
  4. Move diagonally forward two squares to the right. This brings you to another wall.
  5. Move diagonally one square to the right.
  6. Move diagonally one square to the left.
  7. Move diagonally two squares to the right.
  8. Move diagonally one square to the right.
  9. Move diagonally two squares to the left. This brings you to another wall.
  10. Move diagonally two squares to the left. This brings you to another wall.
  11. Move diagonally one square to the left.
  12. Move diagonally two squares to the right.

With that, you're restored to your non–chess piece self. Walk up the stairs.

Pub Courtyard

Pale Realm - Mallet

Enter a wide courtyard. A pedestal in the center holds a Croquet Mallet (glowing green). The courtyard is overlooked by a massive clock tower and is populated by a Red Knight and two Red Pawns. Explore all the doors in this courtyard. A large, white door near the Pub is locked and guarded by a White Rook. He's waiting for it to open.

After you've checked all the courtyard's nooks and crannies, enter the double doors located to the right of where you first entered the courtyard.

Elevator Tower

Ride the elevator up. You have a choice of two doors. The door to the left is worth exploring, but leads nowhere. Go through the door to the right. At the end of the balcony, turn right and stop. A series of spikes quickly poke up from the floor. Each time they rise, they move back one row on the floor. Follow the spikes until they reach the last row, then exit the hall. Turn right.

Bridge Courtyard

Duel with two Red Bishops. Move toward the bridge and manhandle the Red Knight who leaps out from the high window as you cross. Turn right at the locked double doors. Immediately rush to defend the White Pawn against the Red Knight. Turn right and climb the stairs. To the left is another set of stairs (with Cards floating nearby). Cut down the two Red Pawns bounding down the hall.

Go through the door to the left to a balcony overlooking the Pub courtyard. Pull the switch. This opens the white door near the Pub.

Pub Courtyard (return)

Pale Realm - Bishop

Return to the Pub courtyard and follow the White Rook through the now-open door. A Red Knight lurks in the alcove next to the door. Turn left as you go through the door and descend the stairs. Help the White Rook fend off an attack from the Red Bishop. Backtrack to the stairs and climb up to the ledge to the left. Pick up the Super Meta-Essence and rush into the water wheel courtyard.

Waterwheel Courtyard

Slice up the Red Knight, Red Bishop, and the Red Rook. Explore the area but don't head into the water yet. Turn left after the bridge. Turn left to find another large white door. Two Red Pawns sneak up from behind as you approach. After the door drops, meet a White Knight. Like the Bishop before him, he lets you take his guise to cross the next room. Remember you can only move in L-patterns; avoid the spikes and holes in the floor.

  1. Move forward.
  2. Move one square forward and two to the left.
  3. Move two squares to the right. You'll automatically move one more to the right.
  4. Move two squares straight ahead and one square to the left.
  5. Turn 180 degrees and go one square straight ahead and two squares to the left.
  6. Move two squares to the right and you'll automatically move one square to the right.
  7. Move one square to the left and you'll automatically move two squares to the left.
  8. Move to the right and you'll automatically complete the L.

You shed your knightly exterior and regain your freedom of movement. Go forward and left, up the stairs to liquidate the Red Bishop.

Up and Down Landing

Pale Realm - Meta Essence

From this landing, go left or right. Detour briefly left. If you go as far as possible, you can see a ledge high above the water, marked by a large Meta-Essence Crystal. Keep this area in mind and return to the landing.

Go up the stairs to the right from the landing and through the unlocked door to the right. Rub out the two Red Pawns and climb the rickety staircase. Upstairs, claim a Jackbomb.

Waterwheel Courtyard, Upper Level

Go through the door to a high balcony. Turn the Red Knight around the corner into glue and follow the wooden walkway to the first tower. Turn right and cross the walkway to the second tower. Eliminate the two Red Pawns and pull the switch. The switch starts the water wheel that raises the water level throughout the village. Retrace your steps to the Up and Down Landing.

Up and Down Landing, Again

After you arrive at the landing, continue down the stairs straight ahead. Turn left and continue until you can't go any farther. Dive into the water and swim to the ledge with the large Meta-Essence Crystal.

Turn right immediately and gun down two Red Pawns. Go up the ramp and turn left through the double doors. Proceed through the archway and turn right.


  • A signpost here points to the market in this courtyard and the Pub (through the alley guarded by the White Bishop).
  • If you still need the mallet, climb onto the pedestal. Be warned, however, a cadre of red chess pieces will converge if you try to steal the mallet. If you don't need this toy, don't bother.
  • Look in the distance as you enter the Bridge Courtyard to see a White Pawn fleeting into a distant doorway.
  • Near your meeting with the White Knight, there is a series of inaccessible stairs floating in space. You'll find out how to reach those later.
  • A secret area: Note the crack in a wall behind two barrels. Lob a Jackbomb toward it and take cover. The bomb opens a hole in the wall. Follow the steps to a large sanity shard. After you're through, return to the upstairs area with the hole in the wall.
  • Swim around the village and check out the area behind the water wheel.

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