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American McGee's Alice Official Strategy Guide
How do you know I'm mad?
The following information is taken directly from the official Alice game guide and must not be edited unless necessary.
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Pool of Tears walkthrough
Vale of Tears - Pool of Tears
Area Vale of Tears
Game American McGee's Alice
This is the official walkthrough for Pool of Tears.


The Waterfall

Life as a very small person begins at the base of a gigantic waterfall. Of course, it's probably just a trickle from a rivulet, but why quibble with scale? At your current size, blades of grass loom above your head and mere insects are towering enemies. Begin by trudging down to the left side of the fall. Note the "Beware of Falling Rocks" sign and jump over the chasm to the pathway. Climb past the waterfall to the far end of the cliff.

Scale the ledge, turn around, and jump the gap to continue on the path up the falls. Jump over the ledge in front of the falls and pause there.

An Army Ant Soldier pushes a rock down the falls. Wait here and it falls harmlessly in front of you. Take the next jump and climb up the ledge to reach the next switchback. Turn around and jump up to the path. After you reach the falls, the Army Ants send another rock your way. Rush back to the switchback and wait for the rock to fall down the gap in front of you.

Resume your trek, jumping past the waterfall a third time. Continue until you reach the next switchback. Look up to see two Ladybugs fluttering in the air above. Open fire as quickly as possible; those acorns they're carrying explode on impact.

Continue up the path, pause at the next jump, and wait for the next rock. Cross the waterfall again. At the next gap, drop down to a small ledge below you. Jump up to the next ledge and turn around for the final leg up to the head of the falls.

Leap to the pathway and pull up to the final ledge. Be ready to fight the first Army Ant Soldier you see, but don't move too far from the ledge. You don't want to face a gang of these bugs. Stomp on the other two Army Ants and begin following the stream.

The Pool

The stream opens on a lovely pool (a puddle in reality). A statue of a weeping girl looks very familiar. Approach the Mock Turtle on the right shore. He appears a bit, well, naked. Your conversation results in a deal: If you retrieve his stolen shell from the Duchess, he'll tell you where to find Caterpillar.

The Turtle begins floating away on a leaf. Fortunately, another leaf drops down for you. Hop on for a ride down the river.

The River

The leaf floats at its own pace and direction down the river. Ride down a pair of small waterfalls. As the leaf floats under some hazardous tree roots, jump onto the roots and back down to the moving leaf.

Watch the sky for dive-bombing Ladybugs. Drop down another minor waterfall. You see the Mock Turtle drifting in front of you just before you fall down a larger waterfall. Don't panic and you should have no trouble staying aboard.

The River (Part II)

Immediately jump to the shoreline, take cover behind a rock, and battle with a pair of Army Ant Soldiers. Jump onto the lily pads to reach another leaf, which takes you farther down the river.

Just after a small waterfall, jump over a tree root that threatens to knock you off your boat.

The ride takes you through a log tunnel. After you emerge, hop on land to the right. Snap up a large Meta-Essence Crystal and jump back on the leaf when it turns the corner.

Keep your eyes on the left shore. A Blood Rose sprouts from the bank and hurls its deadly thorns. Instead of trying to battle the killer bloom, focus on avoiding shots and staying on your leaf. You won't be in the line of fire for very long.

The Big Waterfalls

After avoiding the Rose, you approach a very large waterfall. Just before you plummet, jump to the shore on the right. Drop to a ledge below and leap to a lily pad floating in the pool under the waterfall.

The pad takes you under several tree roots. Adjust your position on the lily pad to avoid being knocked off by thorns on the roots. If they knock you off, you're Snark food. Stay to the left for the first root, right for the second, and left for the third. Go down a very small waterfall. The lily pad begins to move very erratically, so stay to the right as you go under the next root. Jump onto the low roots stretching across the river and jump back onto the pad as it emerges from the other side. Drop down a small waterfall and look for the Mock Turtle passing on a bridge overhead.

This is your cue to prepare for a big moment. As you pass under the bridge, the river drops into a treacherous waterfall. Jump quickly!

Leap forward to the vine hanging just beyond the crest of the falls. Shimmy up the vine a bit, get it swinging, and jump to solid ground next to the river.

Dry Land

Run down the path to arrive at a small pool. The Turtle is leaving on another leaf. Your ride drifts in soon enough. Board the leaf. You drift under a series of large overhanging mushrooms. Stay in the middle of the leaf and you have no trouble staying dry. You plunge down a gigantic waterfall, but land safely.


  • The walking rocks mean no harm, but they're also indestructible. Don't waste your strength of will on them.
  • If you lose your leaf, you might tread water until another shows up, but it's best to get out of the water and wait for another.
  • Don't fall in the river or you'll be food for Snarks.

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