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American McGee's Alice Official Strategy Guide
How do you know I'm mad?
The following information is taken directly from the official Alice game guide and must not be edited unless necessary.
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Royal Rage walkthrough
Royal Rage - Jabberwock attack
Area Queensland
Game American McGee's Alice
This is the official walkthrough for Royal Rage. It is a boss battle and therefore does not have any sections.


You didn't think you were done with the mighty Jabberwock, did you? After recovering from Gryphon's extraction of its eye, the Queen's guardian is back and he's really, really peeved.

After the Jabberwock defeats Gryphon in airborne combat, you must finish him off. Unfortunately the Jabberwock now has the freedom to fly. The monster is many times more dangerous from the air. Your first goal is to keep him on the ground. The Jabberwock has several attacks:

  • The fire breath attack is his bread-and-butter weapon. He uses it from the air and on land, while moving and standing still, making the Jabberwock a veritable pyromaniac. The fire breath has a moderate range, but it can be sustained for long stretches of time. The Jabberwock tracks you relentlessly while spitting fire—it's very difficult to avoid being set ablaze.
  • The beast's physical attacks are fast and indefensible. Claw swipes, stomps, bites tear you apart if you don't constantly stay on the move.
  • Without both eyes, the Jabberwock can't use his eye beam but he can still fire off the occasional energy burst (the same as you get from the staff when you cease firing). The impact from this blast sends you careening clear out of the arena.

There isn't much Meta-Essence to be had here, so work efficiently and run a lot. Crystals appear in the corners of the arena and near Gryphon's body. Unfortunately, they're small and only appear one at a time. The Jabberwock can't fly if he's severely injured, so try to do as much damage as possible early on.

Immediately arm the Blunderbuss and land a shot in the monster's chest. This exhausts your Strength of Will supply in one fell swoop. Collect a Meta-Essence Crystal and switch to the Eye Staff.

Spend the next phase running and dodging. Use the Gryphon's body as cover. Try to keep the Jabberwock in your sights at all times and unload the Eyestaff on him whenever you have Strength of Will to spare.

Once sufficiently disabled, the Jabberwock stops flying. This makes him easier to hit, but not easier to fight. His fast, long strides make it nearly impossible to get any distance between you.

Stay on the move and avoid the edges of the arena. Keep firing with the Eyestaff or other weapons until the Jabberwock expires. When the drawbridge drops, proceed over it and into the Queen of Hearts' realm.

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