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American McGee's Alice Official Strategy Guide
How do you know I'm mad?
The following information is taken directly from the official Alice game guide and must not be edited unless necessary.
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Skool Daze walkthrough
Skool Daze
Area Fortress of Doors
Game American McGee's Alice
This is the official walkthrough for Skool Daze.


Main Foyer

From this hallway, walk through the double doors to the Skool's Main Foyer. Pause to take care of a little business with a squad of Card Guards.

The Foyer has two floors; the first floor features a large, imposing fireplace. Left of it is the door to the Theater. Behind the staircase and down a ramp is a locked double door.

Upstairs, all but two doors are boarded up. One swings slightly open and closed but is inaccessible. The other, nearest the staircase, leads to the Library. First, turn left and approach the fireplace. Jump toward it to grab hold of the low portion of the mantle. Pull up and turn left.

Jump to the isolated ledge to pick up the Croquet Mallet. Jump back to the ground and go into the Theater (door left of the fireplace).


Briefly chat with the Mayor. He directs you to find the Book of Bizarre Things. Suddenly two Diamond Card Guards rush in to break up the meeting. Return to the Main Foyer.

Main Foyer (Return)

Trudge upstairs and enter the door to the Library.

Library (Entry Hall)

Use your new Mallet on the two Club Card Guards and pass through the second set of double doors. Go left at the T-intersection. A Diamond Card Guard rushes in from the end of the hall. A Club Card Guard lurks in an alcove to the left. At the end of the hall, turn right and enter the Library's First Floor.

Library (First Floor)

Your goal is to find four flying books that form a path to the Book of Bizarre Things. Begin searching the first floor on the left side. One Club Card Guard shouldn't be any trouble. Look in the distance for a blue light glowing in the stacks. When you approach, the book springs to life and flies to the top of the room. That's one.

Jump onto the spiral elevator near where you entered the room and ride it to the second floor.

Library (Second Floor)

Begin by examining the left side. The Cat provides an avenue to the third floor by tipping over a bookshelf on the right side. Don't go up to the third floor, yet. You find the second book to the left. Approach it to set it in motion. You have to battle a Diamond Card Guard and two Club Card Guards on this side of the room. Dig around in the stacks on the right side of the room and clear out a Club Card Guard before proceeding up the toppled bookshelf to the third floor.

Library (Third Floor)

At the top of the bookshelf, dance with some Diamond Card Guards and activate the flying book nearby. From the book, proceed forward to find an elevator to the fourth floor.

Library (Fourth Floor)

Turn around as you ride up and be ready to fight a Diamond Card Guard. Step off the elevator to activate the final flying book. Continue straight ahead from the elevator and notice the path made by the flying books. Step onto the first one. Jump onto each of the three remaining books until you reach the shelf with the Book of Bizarre Things.

Alice and the Cat find a way to open the locked book. Go back down there and read it. The flying books reconfigure to allow Alice to jump down to either side of the third floor. Go left.

Work your way back down to the floor and read the Book of Bizarre Things. Mushrooms, Poppies, Sugar, and Spice are the ingredients you seek for the shrinking potion. Time to go find them.

See Skool's Out and then return to the following section.

Skool Daze (Return)

Starting at the locked door below the stairs, fight through the newly arrived Diamond and Club Card Guards and get to the second floor of the Library.

Library (Second Floor)

Head to the left side of the floor. Hop onto the toppled bookshelf and scale it to the third floor. Gut the Diamond and Club Card Guards patrolling near the Observatory and enter the star-emblazoned door.


Ride the elevator and stroll through the next set of double doors. Deal out the Club and Diamond Club Card Guards on the first floor and scale the steps to the second. The Diamond Card Guard on the top floor will likely jump down for a piece of the action. Give him all the trouble he can handle.

Scale the steps to the second floor, jumping over the broken stairs. Climb the ramp to the eyepiece of the telescope. The globe in the center of the room opens to reveal a portal. Alice drinks her shrinking potion and dives into the portal.

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