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American McGee's Alice Official Strategy Guide
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The following information is taken directly from the official Alice game guide and must not be edited unless necessary.
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Wholly Moral Ground walkthrough
Wholly Moral Ground - Ruins
Area Vale of Tears
Game American McGee's Alice
This is the official walkthrough for Wholly Moral Ground.


Wholly Moral Ground - Vent and clam

Be careful - the clams aren't as nice as they look.

You begin underwater. The Mock Turtle gets you safely to dry land, but you must stay in his bubble trail at all times. If you lose him, your air supply only lasts a few moments before you drown.

Various hazards await you in these underground caverns: Stalactites fall from the ceiling. When you see them start to fall, pause briefly and let them pass before you proceed. Chunks of the ceiling have a tendency to drop away just as you swim near them. Pause and let them fall before catching up to the Turtle.

Giant clams open tantalizingly and snap closed. Some contain Meta-Essence Crystals; wait for them to close and open again and then swim through to claim the prize.

Beware of the air jets on the cave floor. They push you into the sharp stalactites on the ceiling if you swim over them. Snarks are also a big problem. Pause to fight them, but keep track of your guide. The Blade or Cards are your best bets.

Swim toward the friendly creature and settle in among his bubbles to begin. The journey begins with a trip through the first few caverns. Stay close to the Turtle during this first phase and be mindful of obstacles.

The Temple

Continue following the Mock Turtle until you come to the doorway of an ancient temple. Things get a bit trickier now. As you enter the temple, you get your first real taste of Snarks. Or, more to the point, they get their first taste of you. In this area, beware of giant clams, falling ceiling tiles, and falling columns.

The Sarcophagus Room

Wholly Moral Ground - Exit

Your exit is waiting.

Next, go through a portal to a large chamber with a sarcophagus on the ceiling. Pause to let the falling columns drop in front of you.

Giant Fish Room

Pass through the next portal and dive straight down to follow the Turtle. He brings you to very large room populated by Snarks.

After you enter the room, pause. A gigantic fish pops up from the floor in front of you. Wait for it to retract and swim on safely. The Mock Turtle takes a dangerous and circuitous route through this room; stay with him, but don't follow him everywhere.

When it seems you can go no farther, the Mock Turtle bowls his way through the wall. Follow him through the hole he's made and your swim is complete.


  • You don't have to follow the Turtle's every move. In fact, it's sometimes very unwise to do so. What's important, however, is that you never let him out of your sight and stay as much possible in his wake. If you do lose him momentarily, try to catch up by cutting a corner on his route.

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