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The Wand was an unreleased weapon from Alice: Madness Returns which was intended to be equipped by Alice Liddell throughout her journey in Wonderland. It was one of several weapon concepts based upon tarot and takes the color of green/light blue when equipped. The Wand was one of four weapons and dresses which were in the original line-up of Alice: Madness Returns. The others being the Classic dress, the Cup and the Hammer.

Usage Edit

The Wand produces massive bursts of ice and cold when used, and it has both melee and ranged modes. In the concept art released for this weapon, the color of the attack changes between the modes, being green in melee and light blue in ranged.

Appearance Edit

Wand dress

The light blue Wand dress.

The Wand is an mixture of icy blue and green mellow tones. It is similar to the appearance of the Jabberwock's Eye Staff in American McGee's Alice and similar to the power of the Ice Wand.

When equipped, the Wand turns Alice's Classic blue ensemble to an extremely light blue and green dress - similar to the more common versions of Alice and reflecting on the ice that the wand produces. This is due to the fact that Alice's dresses would change color when a certain weapon was equipped.

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