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I'll show you the meaning of sacrifice!
— White King to Alice Liddell[1]

The White King was the ruler of the White Castle in the Pale Realm, alongside his queen. A year after Alice Liddell's victory over the Queen of Hearts, he was restrained to the door of the Heart Palace and the only way for Alice to pass through was to kill him. He had already accepted his fate and warned her about the Executioner before he was destroyed.[1]


Through the Looking-Glass

Alice first met the White King in the Looking Glass house, where she helped him and his wife reunite with their daughter Lily. Later, she encountered him again, waiting for his messenger. They talked for some time until they went to watch the Lion and the Unicorn brawl for the crown.

American McGee's Alice

During Alice's journey through the Pale Realm, she became entangled in the eternal conflict between White and Red Kingdoms when she stumbled upon a red troupe abducting the White Queen. The White King bargained with Alice; in return for her services, he promised a part of the powerful Eye Staff, a requirement to breach an otherwise impenetrable curtain of souls and access Queen of Hearts Land.[2]

In the ending scene, the White King appeared with the White Queen in Wonderland restored to its peace.

Alice: Madness Returns

When Alice arrived at the Queen's castle, she saw the White King tethered to the door and the only way to get in was by killing him. Before he was destroyed, he told Alice that he will show her the meaning of sacrifice and the existence of an "out-sized killer." Afterwards, Alice proceeded to kill him and he ended up in broken pieces in and around the door.[1]


  • After the Dollmaker's defeat, Alice was not shown resurrecting anyone (the Cheshire Cat also mentions that they cannot go back home). Since Kings and Pawns are the only chess pieces that can not be resurrected, the damage done to both the Red Realm and the Pale Realm may be permanent.
  • In the Extra Content, Alice remarks how the White King reminds her of her father, Arthur Liddell. He and the White Queen are possibly confirmed Wonderland representations of her very own parents. In the second Alice book, however, Alice speculates that the Queens and Humpty Dumpty are Dinah and her kittens.


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