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The White Queen was the previous ruler of the White Castle in the Pale Realm, along with the White King. In Alice's fourth return to Wonderland, a bust of her upper torso was present in Queensland.[1]


Through the Looking-Glass

To be written.

American McGee's Alice

White Queen's decapitation

The decapitated head of the White Queen.

During Alice's journey through the Pale Realm, she stumbled upon a Red troupe abducting the White Queen. Accepting the plea of the White King, Alice was warped to the Red Castle where she battled Red armies.[2]

Deep in the castle's walls, she witnessed the execution of the White Queen by guillotine. Alice later tracked down the Red King, who oversaw the execution, in a bout to kill him in an act of resistance of the White Kingdom. Upon the Red King's death, Alice dropped the White Pawn who accompanied her, by the White King's request, who immediately transforms into a reincarnation of the White Queen due to the promotion rule in chess.[3]

In the ending scene, the White Queen appeared with the White King in Wonderland restored to its peace.

Alice: Madness Returns

Although the White Queen did not physically appear, a statue of her upper torso was found in a secret room through the right side path before going to the White King in Queensland. The torso was depicted in a state of agony and decay, much like the other remains of denizens of the Pale Realm.[1] However, another statue of her in a more relaxed pose was present alongside the other White pieces in the Chess Rooms of the Heart Palace.[4][5]


  • It is revealed in the Alice: Madness Returns Storybook that the White Queen may be a manifestation of Alice's mother, supposedly having similar features as well as her decapitated head mouthing "Alice."


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