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White Rooks are the counterpart to Red Rooks and part of the White chess pieces. They were capable of moving an unlimited number of times in a straight line from their starting point.


American McGee's Alice

Rooks lead Alice through the Pale Realm.[1] When Alice and the White King had finished talking, two Rooks guided Alice away.[2]

Alice: Madness Returns

The White Rooks appeared as decaying statues in the courtyard of the entrance of the Heart Palace,[3] and in the Majestic Maze.[4]


American McGee's Alice

The Rooks were white in color and shaped like a tower. They were one of the largest chess pieces and had buff arms.

Alice: Madness Returns

The Rooks still possessed their tower stature, buff arms, and white color. However, the Rooks' head were aligned with their shoulders.


  • They are stronger than the White Pawns, with a greater range, but identical to their counterparts on the other side, due to them sharing a common AI file.


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